Company History

LLC Foreign Invested Enterprise "Econia" - an innovative Ukrainian enterprise manufacturing drink water and baby food.
The idea of foundation of a new company emerged in 2008. Despite of heavy economic situation, but owing to professionalism and cohesion of the team the launch of the modern Ukrainian production of mineral water and baby food was taken place in March 2009. Main goals were determined since the moment of establishment of the company: the company has to meet high quality standards and high worldwide requirements, as the company specializes in manufacturing of products for children.
Today "Econia" is not only a modern enterprise meeting the highest international quality standards, but also a powerful distribution network, which allows to make products of "Econia" available in any part of Ukraine. This is very important because high quality water is a vital product, which is needed to everybody, regardless of age and region.
"Econia" is a stable partner with innovative technologies, niche products and the prospects for joint development.
 Historical note:
1996 - foundation of "Aqua-Eco" (enterprise for production and distribution of mineral water)
2001 - start of production of the first Ukrainian special water for baby food under "Malyatko" trademark
2007 - reorganization of business (separation of "Malyatko" trademark into an independent business unit)
2008 - foundation of "Econia" and construction of a new plant
2009 - launch of the most modern Ukrainian production of mineral water and baby food, development of distribution network.

2010 - the expansion of the product portfolio (launching new brands: specialized water for teens «TeanTeam», children's water "Akvulya" drinking water "Pure key" Specialized water "Chaykava"). 
2011 - 2012 - certification of production, obtaining an ISO 22000 (HACCP) certification child water TM "Maljatko" and TM "Akvulya" as baby foods. 
2013 - 2016 - obtaining the ISO 9001, the expansion of the product portfolio (release specialized water "Iodine", launching a broad line of baby food products TM "Malyatko").