"Econia" products are manufactured at the modern production plant located in Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region. The source of raw materials is unique, because it has an optimal initial chemical composition, just which is required for the production of children's water.
Industrial complex of "Econia" is high-tech, certified equipment.
The total area of the plant - 2.2 hectares, of which the area of production lines - 2370 m2; warehouse - 1732 m2; domestic building - 250 m2.
The design capacity of the plant is almost 40 million liters of water packaged in PET bottles per year. In Modern water treatment system produces water purified by means of 10-level treatment system via the feed station, water distribution station, aeration station, cascade filtration system and water decontamination station, reaching the extreme softness and crystal purity, absolute safety and highest environmental performance.
The company uses two specialized workshops. The first one specializes in production of 0.33l, 0.5l, 1.5l, 2l bottles. The production capacity of the line - 12 thousand bottles per hour. Blow molding is carried out using equipment manufactured by the internationally acclaimed French company "SIDEL". Powerful blow molding machine provides clear design lines of each bottle. Second workshop specializes in production of 5l, 6l bottles. The production capacity of the line - 2 thousand bottles per hour.
These fully automated lines, with the exclusive for Ukraine antiseptic treatment of component materials, allow to produce unique ergonomic package of ultra-modern design with a special bottle bottom and absolutely sterile stopper. Lines are equipped with machinery producing applicator handle for group packaging. Manufacturing of products is carried out with minimal human impact.
The enterprise operates a modern certified laboratory which carries out constant monitoring at all stages of manufacturing process and examines composition of treated water according to 25 physical and chemical indices. All incoming constitutive materials are tested by means of computer diagnosis on compliance to quality standards for children's products manufacturing.
Safety and quality guarantee of "Econia" products are confirmed by Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, State Standard of Ukraine, Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, A.N.Marzeiev institute for hygiene and medical ecology of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and international certificate of food safety management ISO 22000 (HACCP).

"Econia" is the manufacturer of five brands of drinking water:
 "Malyatko" - specialized water for baby food

 - baby food

   "Akvulya" - children's drinking water
 "Teen Team" - special drinking water for teenagers
 "Chistyi Kliuch" - drinking water
 "Chaykava" - special water for making hot drinks and food
"Jodo” - special iodized drinking water.