The Company"Econia" was founded in 2008 on the basis of reorganization of the famous company "Aqua-Eco" - the leader of mineral and drinking water production.

Company goals are to be the undisputed leader on a market, to open up new niches, saturating them with innovative, environmental, special products and provide the most valuable - care of health from the first days of life.

Company values remain unchanged from the first day of its foundation, namely: quality, uniqueness, functionality, reasonable price and credit for consumers; stability, responsibility, commitment, professionalism and self-development for staff; systemic consistency, partnership, development and reliability for partners.

"Econia" bottles products at a powerful industrial complex in Zolotonosha. This region is chosen because it has significant advantages: firstly, the presence of the source with a unique chemical composition required for the production of children's water, secondly, safe environment of Cherkasy region is ideal for production of children's products, thirdly, favorable geographic location provides a loyal supply of products to all regions of Ukraine and reduces costs in order to withstand the competitive price for the product.

Today the mineral water and baby food plant is the business card of the Cherkasy region, balanced, effective symbiosis of high-tech, certified equipment, full automation, cutting-edge innovations and world-class quality products.

Highly qualified staff of the plant takes care of impeccable product quality, provides constant monitoring on all stages of manufacturing process, actively implementing modern system of production organization in accordance with requirements of ISO 22000 (HACCP system) standard.

A highly professional trading team of "Econia" provides a successful and effective promotion of company's brands on Ukrainian market, and in the near future on international market. Due to its activity any person in any part of the country can always assess the absolute benefits of "Econia" products.

Currently trademarks production portfolio of the company consists of 5 brands of drinking water:



"Teen Team"


"Chistyi Kliuch"