Chystyi Kliuch(Clear Key) the power of the Ukrainian borsch

 Chystyi Kliuch(Clear Key)  the power of the Ukrainian borsch
Under such motto a festival of the Ukrainian borsch took place in Cherkasy during celebration of the Independence Day.
“Every woman with good housekeeping skills knows, that delicious borsch succeeds only in that case, if each ingredient is selected with heart: tasty vegetables, sweet seasonings and of course crystal-clear water, which will make your borsch the most delicious. That’s why we always cook our borsch only with Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key) water”, says Svitlana, housewife.
Svitlana is supported by other participants of the festival, because borsch with this drinking water has been already cooked many times.
“Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key) Trade Mark has been traditionally providing water to all participants of the Borsch Festival for many years, and treats with water all guests of the holiday with great pleasure. We are pleased, that just our water was chosen as a sponsor of the favorite event of all citizens of Cherkasy – mass cooking of the Ukrainian borsch. I am sure, that borsch with our water will relish all citizens and city guests”, noted Mykola Lytvynenko, Brand Manager of the Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key) Trade Mark.

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