"Chistyi Kliuch" energizes Ukrainian sportsmen

"Chistyi Kliuch" energizes Ukrainian sportsmen
 "Chistyi Kliuch" water became a sponsor of outstanding sports event in Ukraine - Open kendo tournament "III-rd Cup of Black Sea ", which was held on 6th of October in Sevastopol.
This unusual kind of sports is a kind of martial arts and has its origin from the traditional techniques of use of samurai sword. According to words of the followers, kendo is intended to form a complete personality, temper the will and sound mind of a swordsman.
Competitions on bamboo swords were truly breathtaking spectacle and demanded incredible agility, strength and courage from athletes.
Supporting young people's desire for a healthy and athletic lifestyle "Chistyi Kliuch" trademark joined the tournament, providing all stages of competition with clean and quality water, which helped the competitors to quickly restore strength charging energy from the nature itself.

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