There are no somebody else's children

There are no somebody else's children
 Recently our company received a letter with photo and warm, sincere words of gratitude from mother and her little daughter.
We could not remember this girl and when we helped her, because being a socially conscious company which has undertaken a mission to take care of health from the first days of life, we participate in many charity projects. Sometimes we join great actions, sometimes, if possible, we help personally.
How it happened this time, we don’t remember. But that makes no difference, because if you do a good deed and help a child to fight with diseases, you do it with all your heart. It doesn’t matter what is the name of a child, and where he/she lives, because there are no somebody else’s children.
We, all employees of the Econia Company, were highly pleased to receive this photo with such sincere and warm words of gratitude. But the most important thing is that there are a mother and her daughter on the photo, and their eyes are shining with smile and hope, that everything will work out.
It is not difficult to fill the world with love, because it lives in everybody of us. The only important thing is not to fear to lend a helping hand for person who really needs your help. We are pleased to work in such company. And in future we have a lot of good things to be done. 

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