I.Varagash: "Econia" held its leading position on a market of children's drinking water

I.Varagash: "Econia" held its leading position on a market of children's drinking water
 "Econia" fulfilled the main task for 2012 - it held the leading position on a market of children's drinking water", - said Irina Varagash, the president of the company, presenting results and plans of the company during the meeting with distributors in Kiev.
"As a proof, our share on a market of drinking water makes up 1.9%, share on a market of children's water - 86%. We consistently enter the group of top 5 manufacturers on a market of non-carbonated drinking water. We aren't going to stop because we have space to grow and we have more to give to this market ", - she said.
Irina Varagash lined up her presentation from the point of view of values of the company: quality, development, partnership, professionalism, consistency and stability. "All we were doing during a year - either creating a quality product, or working with partners or helping kids - all that was done in accordance with values of our company.
Irina Varagash noted that the company's next year plans are number of projects that will lead the company to a higher level.
"Next year we plan to expand the range of new products, you will soon see new brands or new positions of existing brands that are already on a market", - said the president and added that the expansion of qualitative and quantitative distribution would only contribute promotion of new and existing products.
"In 2013, we will continue to work on expanding of qualitative and quantitative distribution. We are focused on joint cooperation with partner teams by focal financial motivations of commercial agents, providing bonus programs, improving fieldwork of our staff. For this purpose we have plans to increase staff of sales department which shall assist in promotion of our products at the local level", - said Irina Varagash.
Besides that, as she said, the company have plans to expand the geography of shipments to foreign countries. "Last year we entered new markets of CIS and the Middle East countries. This year we plan to continue development of export activities. This year we have also made the first shipments to NATO troops ("Econia" - the only company in Ukraine which won tender for shipment of products to NATO troops in Ukraine - ed.)
"We keep high confidence in all that we do at different levels", - said Irina Varagash.
The guests were able to see this for themselves during presentation of the production complex of "Econia" in Zolotonosha.

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