"Econia" is heading towards development and stability

"Econia" is heading towards development and stability  Stability of dynamics of development and reliability of business relationships ensure progression of "Econia", - said Irina Varagash during the conference for distributors in Kiev.

"Econia" was founded 5 years ago. Perhaps this is not the period to be proud of. But for me and all of us - it is important that during this time we consistently kept the course to development. Despite various external and internal factors we performed all of our obligations to the government and partners. I am proud to say that we are deemed as stable company, our opinion is considered by others, we deserved confidence", - said Irina Varagash.

As a proof, the president happily reported that this year, according to official data of national statistics, "Econia" is acknowledged as the "Leader of industry 2012".

As part of this rating Irina Varagash, the president of the company, was awarded "Order of Merit to Homeland", and the company's employees - Svetlana Rosinskaya, trade marketing expert, and Sergey Shakhnazarov, plant engineer, - were nominated as the best employees of the year and awarded medals "Labour Merit".


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