"Econia" was acknowledged at the exhibition "I'll become a mother"

"Econia" was acknowledged at the exhibition "I'll become a mother"
 "Econia" traditionally took part in the festival for the expectant parents "I'll become a mother".

Yet another year the exhibition gathers people from all over Ukraine who is only going to become parents and those who have already become parent, but continues to look for new knowledge and new products to give the best to their babies. A lot of useful information - how to care for a baby, what to wear, what food and water to give for a baby. Known experts, as well as representatives of participating companies themselves, gave answers to all these questions.
"Econia" - the best children's water expert of Ukraine - gave answers to questions of moms and dads concerning what and how to give drink to a baby. "Malyatko" children's water, which is produced by "Econia", have become the founder of children's water consuming culture in Ukraine 11 years ago, and is still the favorite water of Ukrainian babies and their parents.
Moms and dads were not only able to get meaningful answers to questions on difference between adult and children water, and the reason of giving "Malyatko" water to a baby from the very first days of life, but also personally assured in adequate quality of water tasting it by themselves.
In addition, exhibitors tasted and appreciated as "excellent" the new product of the company - special non-carbonated "Teen Team" water for teenagers. According to Iryna Varagash, the president of the company",Teen Team" is created to carry on traditions of cultural consumption of water, which is based by "Malyatko" water.
"Econia" thanks participants for the interest to their stand and promise to create new products, which will suit the taste of every Ukrainian child.



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