Ekoniya is a partner of The Coronation of the Word competition

Ekoniya is a partner of The Coronation of the Word competition
Our company started to support the projects aimed at the development of Ukrainian culture. This year, Ekoniya became a partner and a water sponsor of the most anticipated event of summer - the International literary competition The Coronation of the Word, which was held the other day in the National opera of Ukraine and presented some new masters of the word of modern literature. 
This year, the competition of manuscripts, plays, screenplays, song lyrics and works for children celebrated its 15th anniversary; therefore, all scientific elite of Ukraine gathered in the auditorium. 
The names of such famous Ukrainian writers as Vasily Shklyar, Iren Rozdobudko, Andrey Kokotyukha, Marina Grimich, Anna Homa, Aleksandr Vilchinsky, as well as the names of the new talents - Bogdan Aleksandrovsky, Bogdan Stelmakh, Vyacheslav Vasilchenko, Yuliya Bodnaryuk, etc. were presented to the audience. 
During the event, all comers could not only enjoy the performances of the contestants, but also quench their thirst with pure and useful Chisty Klyuch water, taste the novelty - the special iodine-treated Iodo water. The youngest participants of the competition and just the audience drank the Malyatko water for babies with pleasure. 

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