"Econia" became a sponsor of children's tournament "Vashchuk Cup"

"Econia" became a sponsor of children's tournament "Vashchuk Cup"
 "Econia" supported young talented athletes becoming a sponsor of the third international children's tournament "Vashchuk Cup" which was held on 26-27th of December at the arena of training base "Dynamo Kyiv".
10 teams from all over Ukraine were involved in football matches: "Phoenix" (Zhytomyr)",Dynamo" (Kyiv)",Shakhtar" (Donetsk)",Chernomorets" (Odessa)",Dnepr" (Dnipropetrovsk)",Volyn" (Lutsk)",Spartak" (Moscow)",Dynamo" (Minsk) and others.
"Econia" provided "Teen Team" drinking water, which was developed specifically for teenagers leading active lifestyle, for every young athlete for the purpose to quickly recover their strength during the breaks between matches.
According to Iryna Varagash, the president of the company: "this water not only quenches thirst during training exercises, sports challenges, but it is also a source of energy and good mood for the whole day".
"I wish strength, agility and victory to our young sportsmen. Let the strongest sportsman win, and we in our turn, along with their parents, friends and cheer teams will support them ", - said Iryna Varagash.

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