The team of "Econia" conquers Carpathian peaks

The team of "Econia" conquers Carpathian peaks
For most residents of Kyiv 17th and 18th of February were ordinary days. Working days for one and weekend for another. But employees of "Econia" spent these two days at a furious pace in picturesque Yaremcha and Bukovel cities. Extremely clean air and magical energy of Carpathians were shared by employees of the company and important and honorable partners - distributors of the company, who came from all over Ukraine and kindly agreed to share their free time with the personnel of "Econia".
Event of this scale exceeded all expectations both of those who directly took part in it, and those who were watching behind all this remotely.
Firstly, the distributors have received original invitation cards to take part in the conference, which were decorated in Hutsul style. On the first day everyone had a great opportunity to walk around the Yaremcha city and enjoy the view of boundless sky and perfectly clean air of Carpathians. Those people who have not got used to walking tours had the opportunity to spend that time in the hotel enjoying no less enjoyable SPA procedures.
The conference on development plans of "Econia" began after a nutritious and healthy meal. The speakers were Varagash I.Y. - the President of "Econia", Denisenko A.A. - co-founder of "Econia", Shpak A.V. - marketing director, Malatskovskyi K.N. - sales director.
"Econia" has demonstrated its high respect for partners by presenting personalized gifts to each of them (Bottle of "Malyatko" water, which was specially created for each guest).
A pleasant surprise awaited the company's employees, who were awarded with valuable prizes for performance and dedication to "Econia". The respected partners have not been neglected as well. Honorable corporate awards and diplomas were awarded to LLC "Europroduct" which won the award for significant contribution to the distribution of "Malyatko" trademark and "Akvulya" trademark in Ukraine in 2011, LLC "LISA", LLC Trading House "Vilar", LLC "Megamarket".
All participants had the opportunity to get an aesthetic pleasure of the exclusive performance of talented kids - "Petrus" team - after the award ceremony. It's hard not to recall the memorable banquet in Hutsul style, where everyone could relax in any desired way after a long day. Banquet was carried out according to preliminary approved dress code. Those who were unable to comply with dress code for some reason were provided with Hutsul attributes by "Econia", which took care of every guest. The first informal greeting from "Econia" at the banquet was the performance of "Babogray" band. "Baby" have extremely precisely marked each distributor, exposed some of personal qualities of the company, so many retailers unexpectedly learned many things about "Econia" and themselves.
Everyone, who was present, positively appreciated the performance of Kharkiv band "Village and people", which sparked the public with energetic folk-rock. During the feast everyone had very close conversation. Finally, all participants had the opportunity to be treated with extraordinary beautiful symbolic cake, which was made in the form of a waterfall with the logo of "Econia".
A little later, a fire was burnt on a pine tree, which was 25 meters tall. A lamb roasted on a spit with appetizing Hutsul banosh complemented atmosphere by positive emotions even more. Insanely positive energy of the first day has gradually spread to the second day.
The whole team spent 18th of February in Bukovel. The weather was just amazing! Although there were no huge snow drifts, the ski riding was glorious! Those who felt themselves not quite confident on the mountain were provided with instructors by "Econia" and many of those people were masterly skiing down the hills of the Carpathians. Surely, those who did not want to ski were not unnoticed. They were having fun accompanied by Varagash I.Y., the President of "Econia", and funny presenters "Guys on call", who did not allow anyone to get bored. They all together danced Hutsul dances of "Arkan" and "Golubka", sang and participated in competitions. Besides that they also had the opportunity to ride horses and real Hutsul "fira". The evening meal was held at "Kaiser" restaurant. All participants could taste real Hutsul cuisine. Meanwhile they were entertained by musicians and the uncle Kumlyk, who was masterfully playing 23 musical instruments at a time!

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