"Malyatko" sponsors "Pram Parade" in Cherkassy

"Malyatko" sponsors "Pram Parade" in Cherkassy
The "Pram Parade" family festivity as dated by the Independence Day of Ukraine took its place in Cherkassy. The little residents of the city and region accompanied by parents made a ride from "Rose valley" to "Chaika" park with their small colourful transportation. 
The head-motive of this year "Pram Parade" was all around the decoration of strollers with national symbols, and also national attires of parents and children.
"Malyatko" brand traditionally participated in the parade, as well as in festive activities held in "Rose valley", thus sponsoring the brightest celebration. Entertaining show, plentiful of games, contests and amusements awaited for kids. Little Cossacks and sweet Ukrainian girls competed in strength by doing the tug of war, danced, passed through difficult labyrinths, put aqua-makeup on their faces and, of course, fought thirst with baby water, and got so many gifts from TM "Malyatko".
Laughter, joy and children’s smiles are the best gifts our country could get for her Independence Birthday!

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