"Malyatko" - in a transparent bottle

"Malyatko" - in a transparent bottle "Econia" Company starts production of "Malyatko" baby's water in new packaging. Soon, on the supermarket shelves, you will see "Malyatko" in a transparent bottle.
According to TM Brand Manager, Olga Shkolnaya, "Malyatko" continues to improve its shape to satisfy the most demanding consumers. Recently there was a change in "Malyatko" label - it has become more modern and bright. Transparent bottle will not only give a great view of the product, but will also emphasize the new label design, as well as exceptional purity and quality of "Malyatko."
The Company plans to starts production of water in new bottle in December this year. On the shelves of shops, pharmacies and supermarkets updated "Malyatko" will appear at the beginning of next year.

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