Malyatko produces juices and purées of new flavors!

Malyatko produces juices and purées of new flavors!
The Malyatko qualitative natural baby food products of new flavors will soon appear in the shops, chemists shops and supermarkets. The range of juices and purées will be supplemented by the native flavors of the traditional fruits and vegetables such as plum, apple and carrot in new combinations.
We are sure that babies will like the qualitative homogenized juices and purées Malyatko-Plum, as well as a very wholesome and tasty juice Malyatko-Carrot and Apple.
Our products correspond to the highest standards of baby food quality. They contain no GMO, gluten, flavoring substances, preservation agents, flavor enhancers. Our juices and purées are produced from the natural and organic fruits and vegetables.
Look for our products in the shops, try and enjoy new flavors!

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