"Malyatko" is acknowledged as the best children's water in Ukraine

"Malyatko" is acknowledged as the best children's water in Ukraine  Specialized "Malyatko" water, which remains the best children's water in Ukraine for more than 11 years, once again received acknowledgement of parents and confirmed its leadership. This time, the remarkable properties of the product were evaluated by participants of international food exhibition-forum "Rational baby food - healthy future".
During the exhibition moms and dads had the opportunity to taste the "Malyatko" water and learn more about balanced diet and benefits of special children's water personally from the mother "Malyatko" trademark - Iryna Varagash, the president of "Econia".
According to Iryna Varagash, "Malyatko" water was the best achievement of the company for more than 10 years.
"This water helped to grow up more than 5 million of Ukrainian children, and it made "Malyatko" as children's water number one in Ukraine. However, the main is the other thing. I'm pleased to note as a mom, and as the president of the company, that for many years, you, parents, trust us the most valuable - the health of your children", - said Iryna Varagash and promised that the company will continue to strive for new heights and create new products, which will suit the taste of every Ukrainian child.
"Malyatko" trademark was awarded by participants of "Rational baby food - healthy future" exhibition with "Golden Apple-2012" in nomination "Best children's water in Ukraine".

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