The first Maliatko Baby Brand on the air for the first time

 The first Maliatko Baby Brand on the air for the first time
The Econia Company prepares a startup of the Maliatko Baby Water promotional campaign on the Ukrainian TV. First runs of the promo videos will be available for the audience at the beginning of July on key national TV channels of Ukraine.
What unites all the parents? Of course, the sense of responsibility and wish to give their child the best from the first days of life. The Maliatko Brand advertisement tells us about life values and the legend of brand creation: about the first steps in the life of a baby and about the fact, how such understanding helped us to create the first special baby water “Maliatko” in Ukraine. 
Inna Riabtseva, Marketing Director of the Limited Liability Company Foreign Investment Enterprise ‘Econia’:
With our brand history we would like to share very simple human discoveries with you: concerning the importance of the first experience, especially in the life of a newborn baby. 

The things, which happen to us for the first time, remain for the whole life. That’s why it is so important to make the first contact of a baby with the world “correctly”: because future health and wellbeing of a child depends on the things, he/she sees and receives from the birth. The Maliatko advertisement reminds of such big responsibility which undertakes every parent, especially mother of a child.

Namely from this understanding and responsibility an idea of the Maliatko Brand has been developed.

Yes, we speak about our brand mission, which has been initially developed at the stage of project. And now it remains our chief concern as for manufacturer.

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