Appliance manufacturers recommend "Chaykava" water

Appliance manufacturers recommend "Chaykava" water
Ukrainian brand of home appliances «Mirta» recommends to use special water "Chaykava" for preparation of beverages. After all, according to the manufacturer, this water due to its balanced structure and softness keeps equipment in perfect condition, and your kettle will serve you as long as possible.

According to the brand manager of TM "Chaykava" Elizaveta Grushko, people who appreciate the harmonious taste, choose only high-quality and healthy water to prepare their favorite drinks. 
«Every gourmet knows that while using poor quality water with inflated salt composition, you can simply spoil the taste of coffee and tea, saying nothing of the kettles and coffee machines that do not like scum and salt. That is why we have created a special water for tea and coffee preparation. It has a unique salt formula, that allows not only to save but also to emphasize the true taste of drink. Multi-level filtration of water and lack in "Chaykava" water of complex trace elements such as iron helps to keep the kettle and coffee machine in perfect condition, to prevent the formation of sludge and scale», - she said. 
«Choosing a high-quality water, you will not only cook flavoured drink and save your health, but also extend the life of your favorite equipment for many years», - assured brand manager. 
And proof of this - in the next video story.

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