Parents recognised Malyatko the best water for babies of the year

Parents recognised Malyatko the best water for babies of the year
We are glad, our dear parents, to share the good news with you – the Malyatko water won the 2013 "Hit. The Best For The Baby" contest in the nomination of "The water for babies". 
Our trademark has been taking part in this competition for eight consecutive years; and for all these years, the TM Malyatko has been recognised invariably the best water for babies among the whole range of the water for babies. 
Why is this victory especially important to us? It is all because this competition is judged by the most competent, strict and impartial jury – you and your babies. For the sake of you and your little ones, we have been improving more and more every year. 
The Malyatko water has travelled a long way. We not only created a unique formula of the water for babies with a perfectly balanced composition with the assistance of the scientists, but also constructed an innovative modern factory for Malyatko (as of today, this is the only manufacturing facilities to bottle the water in Ukraine certified as the factory for the baby food manufacturing). In the territory of the factory, we opened a new modern laboratory, which ensures the quality of the water at all the production stages. 
Together with the French designers, we thought up the ergonomic design of the small bottle for Malyatko. What is it, you may ask? This is exactly what the babies love Malyatko for so much. They lie perfectly in your baby’s hands, copying the form of a small milk bottle. This form allows the baby at the age of 6 months old to hold it with its own hands and control the tilt. We have thought of every detail: the ribbed surface contributes to the development of motor skills and tactile sensations of your baby and prevents it from slipping out of the baby’s hands. 
Do you remember how we surprised and pleased you when we launched Malyatko with a special sport-lock cap, which prevents the spilling of water and controls every sip of the baby? 
We have decorated the Malyatko caps in the colours of a rainbow to bring you and your babies joy and good mood every day. However, what is more important, we have gathered the best specialists in their field, who have been creating the product of impeccable quality with great love and responsibility every day for many consecutive years. 
Malyatko will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved and will keep perfecting itself and continue to do the most valuable thing – to care for the babyies’ health from the first days of life. 
Thank you for your trust and your choice. 
Yours faithfully 

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