With Ekoniya to the water park!

With Ekoniya to the water park!
The Ekoniya company took specialized school of information technologies No. 2, which is in Zolotonosha, under its patronage  long time ago and it tries to support the initiatives of the pupils, their desire for studies and volunteer services in every possible way. So, for the third consecutive year, the rating system of the work of classes operates at school, and Ekoniya sends the winners to the metropolitan water park free of charge to have a rest. 
This year, the fight for the victory was serious. Every class earned the points for landscaping, for the classroom interior and the laboratory readiness for the lesson, the pupils’ appearance and keeping their diaries, for the participation in municipal and school holidays, competitions, contests and promotions, for cleaning the school grounds and appropriate food in the school cafeteria. 
According to the schoolteachers, ‘all pupils did their best in the contest for the top prize. At the end of every month, the pupils could see their scores on a general notice board and estimate the chances of winning; perhaps, to change their behavior or to catch up in their studies.’ 
The present-day winners – they are 44 pupils of the school – called the trip to the water park the best impression of the past academic year. 
Dasha V. (class 4-B), 
‘I am very grateful to Irina Yuryevna Varagash and Ekoniya for the opportunity to spend some time in a real fairy tale. Along with my classmates, I not only swam, went down the water slides, but we also had fun together. We became even closer friends, got acquainted with the teachers of the senior classes of our school, and now, we are not so afraid to pass to class 5.’  
Olya K. (grade 10),
‘My impressions are great! It was a gorgeous day! It’s very cool that the whole class had an opportunity to go to the water park together because these are our last summer holidays when we really can have a rest with all the classmates. Our greetings and a huge "thank you" to Irina Yuryevna and our patrons from Ekoniya!’ 

Sergey S. (grade 10), 
‘So everything was just super! It was an incredibly nice day! I will never forget our informal recreation together with my classmates. And I won't forget how we went down the slide along with our homeroom teacher. Thanks to Ekoniya, all of us had an extremely memorable holiday!’ 
In turn, our company thanks the teachers for the originating and support of such an excellent initiative, and the children for their diligence during the whole academic year, and of course, for their warm words and impressions of the trip. 


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