With Malyatko for a walk

With Malyatko for a walk
 The summer sun is rather hot, and children want to play outdoor games. Meanwhile a risk of heat exhaustion and liquid loss in child body increases in many times. Mother’s task is to observe water balance correctly and give water to her baby on time.
But water should be of high quality. If you go for a walk or travel, just take Malyatko special baby water with you.
Mothers trust it, because there is a unique water formula with perfectly balanced composition in the basis of the “Malyatko” Water. And it is bottled at the Econia special production plant. It is the only one plant of water production in Ukraine, certified for production of baby food.
Listen to your child, and then outdoor games will become the brightest summer memory.
In a hot day give your baby Malyatko Water from time to time. In this way you take care of your baby and prevent possible negative consequences of heat. 

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