Vesnianochky in "Econia" - the harbingers of prosperity

Vesnianochky in "Econia" - the harbingers of prosperity
Marina Beletskaya, "Zlatokray" newspaper
Who does not know "Econia" in our city nowadays, the company located in the former furniture factory? Powerful industrial complex of enterprise, which produces children's drinking water under brands "Malyatko", "Akvulya", water for teenagers Teen Team (team of teenagers) and "Pure key", "Chaykava" drinking water, located Zolotonosha since 2009.
Organization of production quality management system within the enterprise conforms with high international standards ISO 22000 (HACCP). The president of the company and just a beautiful woman, mother of two children, Irina Varagash has become initiator, leader and head of the project. Thanks to her assistance in 2001 Ukrainian consumers have got a unique product - quality specialized water for preparing baby food with affectionate name "Malyatko". Commercial department of the company ensures presence of its products not only in each region of Ukraine, but also actively developing export area. Currently, tasty and safe drinking water is consumed by kids from CIS countries, Moldova and the United Arab Republic. The enterprise is not away from problems occurring in Zolotonosha. It is always acts as sponsor of city events, interesting happenings, and assists in socio-cultural development of the city. It is just a brief excursion into development history of "Econia".
Not surprisingly, that partners often come to adopt valuable experience at the enterprise acquiring a considerable reputation over a short period of time not only within Ukraine, but also abroad.
Distributors of the enterprise's products have come on a meeting on March 2 from all over the country. This was both a presentation of the industrial complex of "Econia" in Zolotonosha, and a meeting of people having common interests, as well as exchange of experience. It was interesting to observe a sufficiently large group of tourists (they have come in two double-decker buses), changing their clothes to shoe covers, caps and gowns, and forming a beautiful blue and white teams walking along large workshops of the plant. Guests were able to see the work of two specialized lines for bottling of water: small volume bottles (up to 2 l) and large volume bottles - more than 5 l, and witness an unprecedented event - the launch of the new brand position of "Akvulya" water of 0.5 l volume.
Water production for kids from the first days of their lives is very important task, therefore strict quality control is maintained at "Econia" plant from the first days of its launch. "We are not afraid of auditors, -emotionally noted Irina Varagash in her speech. - We will check ourselves a hundred times, while the plant will be under external audit. We look twice at every bottle!"
Dialogue with partners was also conducted by Alex Denisenko, technical director of the company. According to him, modern production equipment and unique innovative technology allows to automate manufacturing process and minimize an intervention of human factor. Characterization of production was continued by Tatiana Portyanko, head of quality control department: "The company has a modern certified laboratory that conducts computer diagnostics of input and output materials and controls quality of the finished product. All of that provides high-tech process of water production, so the level of enterprise conforms with the highest standards".
According to data of official government statistics LLC Foreign Invested Enterprise "Econia" has recently received a bronze medal in the ranking of similar companies and it was awarded national certificate "Leader of industry - 2012". As part of the award and on occasion of presentation, Sergei Shakhnazarov, plant engineer, was acknowledged as the best employee of the year, he was awarded the medal "Labour Merit". And Irina Varagash, the president of the company, was awarded "Order of Merit to Homeland".
Guests and employees of the company were welcomed by young singers, girls from the sponsored school 2, which were dressed in bright Ukrainian costumes made in a modern style. The girls sang wonderful vesnianky and invited everyone to come to the most hospitable Zolotonosha land, thereafter they received presents from "Econia". Each guest received a keepsake made by students of the aforementioned school - the tree of happiness with prayers for the welfare of the family.
It should be noted that the hospitability and tolerance of the company's activities, friendly cooperation of its management with local authorities, will certainly contribute to further development of "Econia" in Zolotonosha territory.

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