Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key) find a key to your health

 Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key)  find a key to your health
 Accent Newspaper, 01.05.2013, Svitlana Stoianovych

It is necessary to drink more water. A person, who takes care of health, can be hardly surprised by this postulate from dietitians. We perfectly know that one should drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day. But what exactly should one drink? Where is this ideal water, really clean and healthy, and still not “oversalted” with mineral salts? It is interesting to know, that near Cherkasy, in Zolotonosha City, people have already taken care of those who are looking for really healthy water. Here, at the Econia plant on production of water and baby food, the water “Chystyi Kliuch” (Clear Key) is manufactured, which fully corresponds to the qualities we usually want to see in water.
“Chystyi Kliuch” (Clear Key) is a real key to strength and energy. The balanced composition of trace substances sates the body with all necessary matters and allows using this water without limitations. It is also important for us, citizens of Cherkasy, that this water was born in exclusively ecological and clean place, which you can find very seldom nowadays. A source, which is located at a depth of 52 meters, gives real power of natural mildness and transparence.
“Chystyi Kliuch” (Clear Key), produced from natural source, has unique original composition. In combination with the 7-level system of cleaning, filtration and disinfection, it acquires special mildness and crystal cleanness. This water is absolutely safe for use.
Such quality of “Chystyi Kliuch” (Clear Key) is provided by production technologies and packaging. They allow preservation of the natural composition, mildness, transparence and healing properties of the water. And these high rates of the Econia LLC finished products are certified by the leading state institutions. By the way, Econia is the only one company which supplies its products for NATO armed forces in Ukraine. It is a good evidence of the world quality!
And for domestic consumers it is important, that the Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key) water is a balance between high quality and reasonable price. Due to these qualities it is intended not only for daily use, but also for cooking. Due to its special mildness the Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key) non-carbonated water leaves no scale, it underlines the original taste of cooked meals and drinks, and aerated water is perfect for slaking, it gives freshness and restores vitality of body.
Chystyi Kliuch (Clear Key) water is recommended for everyday use without limitations at any age.
health without limitations - mineral composition of water is so optimal that it allows you to maintain the necessary water-salt balance even in constant use;
high quality – the water, produced at the plant of baby food, corresponds with the high international and Ukrainian standards;
exceptional naturalness - absolute ecological compatibility of the source gives body all healthy matters from the nature;
key to energy - due to the balanced composition this water is a universal and effective way of body purification, immune system reinforcement, it brings health and energy for the whole day;
cleanness and transparence - the deep 7-level water filtration gives water exceptional transparence and cleanness;
quality at a reasonable price – ideal quality-price ratio
economy pack for every case.
Business card of Cherkasy Region

The Econia Company sets a goal to become a business card of Cherkasy Oblast as a company which produces high quality products. And indeed, today it is one of the few Ukrainian companies, of which one can be really proud. Citizens of all over the country have known the Company’s products for a long time. They have relished clean and quality water “Chystyi Kliuch” (Clear Key) and “Chaikava” (Tee-Coffee); kids and teenagers are very fond of Maliatko, Akvulia and Teen Team Water. 

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