"DELOVOY REGION" - Iryna Varagash: "Cherkasy region is rich in food industry professionals"

"DELOVOY REGION" - Iryna Varagash: "Cherkasy region is rich in food industry professionals"

Portal "Delovoy region" continues series of short interviews with leading companies in the region about investment prospects of Cherkasy region.

LLC "Econia" is an example of successful investment project on the territory of the Cherkasy region. Iryna Varagash, the president of the company, spoke about the economic assumptions prevailing in the region for the implementation of a business project and outlined main directions of the company.

Iryna Yuriivna, what was the main object of your attention and what benefits were taken into account when you were choosing our region for the implementation of your investment project?

As the manufacturer of food products I want to say that this base is interesting for its infrastructure, transportation network, and each manufacturer is interested in importance of optimization of logistics costs. This is a great advantage. Infrastructure is strongly supported by human potential, Cherkasy region is rich in professionals in the food industry.
How do you plan to further develop the business? What direction is considered the most promising?
Today, we are the leader on the baby food market in Ukraine - we produce 80% of children's water. In our country, the market is poorly developed, so we perspectives for ourselves. In addition, there are number of government programs of development of baby food production.
At this stage we have a task to increase capacity of our plant. And we plan to perform this task during 2013-2014, as well as to set up production of canned meat and fish for children. Cherkasy is a region where the animal husbandry is highly developed, where the appropriate resource base is located. I believe that this project can be started here.
How do you to link your future activities with Cherkasy region?
Our team has a goal to become the visiting card of Cherkasy region, that object which will be the example to follow and specific launching pad, where new technologies would be developed. I want to say that our production was the basis for implementation of production standards for children's drinking water. We do not want to lose this leadership. And that will be the basis of our work.

Limited Liability Company Foreign Invested Enterprise "Econia" was put into operation in 2009 in Zolotonosha Cherkasy region. This is a modern manufacturer of mineral water and children's drinking water ("Malyatko", "Akvulya", "Chistyi Kliuch", "Chaykava" trademarks and water for teenagers "Teen Team"). Business structure consists of two departments: production department, which is located in Zolotonosha city, and commercial department - in Kyiv.

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