EDINSTVENNAYA - "Econia" - world-class quality standards

EDINSTVENNAYA - "Econia" - world-class quality standards
 Wednesday,   30.05.2012
"Econia" is the most advanced Ukrainian enterprise producing drinking water according to the highest international standards (confirmed by ISO 22000 (HACCP) certificate. "Econia" with "Malyatko" trademark is justly considered as the founder of modern consuming culture of children drinking water in Ukraine and it is the undisputed leader in the baby food segment, particularly, in the range of children's drinking water.


High standards of production
Production site of "Econia" is an effective symbiosis of high-tech certified equipment, full automation of production process, cutting-edge innovations, world-class quality products and one hundred percent safety of children's products. The design capacity of the plant is almost 40 million liters of water packaged in PET bottles per year, produced in two specialized workshops: workshop of small bottles production (0.33 l, including special cap, 0.5 l, including special cap, 1.5 l and 2 l) and workshop of large bottles production (5 l and 6 l).
Production line for small bottles production is a modern, fully automated production line with antiseptic treatment of all component materials, the line that produces a unique ergonomic package of ultra-modern design with high definition of lines, special bottle bottom and completely sterile stopper. Water extracted from natural sources in ecologically clean region of Cherkasy region, Zolotonosha city, has unique initial composition. In combination with 10-level treatment system, filtration and disinfection, it acquires an unusual softness and crystal purity, absolute safety for consumption by children from the first days of life.
Unique products for each customer

Today the range of products of "Econia" can satisfy the diverse needs of consumers. The range of "Malyatko" trademark has very convenient packages: specifically for baby's hands - 0.33 l and 0.33 l sport, for home use - 1.5 l and 5 l. Besides water under "Malyatko" trademark Ukrainian children have the opportunity to enjoy unique taste of water under "Akvulya" trademark (2 l and 6 l), which is available to every Ukrainian family in any region of Ukraine. "Econia" helped to grow up healthy generation of babies and continues to take care of their health in the future. The unique water under "Teen Team" trademark was specially developed for teenagers, which has optimally balanced composition, perfectly restores strength and energy after active games or sports training. Parents have the opportunity to taste delicious and healthy water under "Chistyi Kliuch" trademark, which is intended for daily use and cooking, it has a natural softness and exceptional clarity of pure spring water. Another high-quality product for adults is water under "Chaykava" trademark, which is special drinking water for making tea and coffee, which reveals true flavor of your favorite dishes.
Award winning quality products
Production site of "Econia" is deservedly considered as the best in Ukraine. In particular, "Malyatko" water is a trustworthy product which is recognized by more than 5 million customers winning the valuable national award "Choice of the Year - 2010" and "Choice of the Year - 2011" for two consecutive years. The company's products were also noted in the rating of products for children and parents "HIT 2006, 2008, 2011. Best for the baby" High quality of finished product of "Econia" is confirmed by Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, State Standard of Ukraine, Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, A.N.Marzeiev institute for hygiene and medical ecology of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
Secret of success of "Econia"
All the activities of "Econia" are based on high family principles and values. The most valuable among them are the quality, development, partnership, professionalism, consistency and stability. Each employee of "Econia" is well aware that on the basis of these core values during their daily practice they make possible implementation of the company's core mission: to be the undisputed market leader of drinking water in Ukraine, opening new niches, saturating them with innovative, environmental, special products bringing the most valuable - care of children's health from the first days of their lives!

The company's products

For babies from the first days of life: "Malyatko" trademark and "Akvulya" trademark.

For adolescents and teenagers: "Teen Team" trademark.

For gourmets: "Chaykava" trademark (special drinking water for making tea and coffee).

For adults: "Chistyi Kliuch" trademark (for daily use and food preparation).

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