Econia is a real drive!

Econia is a real drive!
newspaper "Herald Zolotonischyny", 37 , 20.09.2013

The Econia Limited Liability Company Foreign Investment Enterprise in Cherkasy Oblast is a powerful enterprise on mineral water and baby food production. The company, founded in 2007, now belongs to TOP-15 of the largest producers of still water in Ukraine. One of the chief factors of Econia leadership on the market is implementation of innovative technologies and continuous professional and career development of employees. In the interview the new director of the plant Andrii Kornetov has shared plans with us concerning production development and Econia team.

Andrii, tell us please, how long have you been working in the Company?

The history of cooperation began at that time when there was Aqua-Eco Company. I held the position of logistics director. Since that time I have been working with many processes on Company’s development, including issues of product manufacture. Now the Econia Company is a very powerful player due to high-quality products and organized work of the whole team. Therefore I have been with the Econia Company for five and a half years.
How do you plan to develop production in the nearest future?
The Econia Company permanently implements innovative processes and uses different systems to improve production processes. This includes construction projects, modernization and extension of storage facilities, increase of the number of special machinery. The Company plans to continue its development on the baby food market, hence the plant will be modernized for new products. Regarding personnel management, it is necessary to be always improved and to train the team to improvement. This is assisted by different standards, in particular ISO 22 222 (HACCP) production quality standards and ISO 9001 quality management standards. By the last there is a requirement to change, modify already organized processes with the required frequency by permanent actualization of decisions. It is just a short list of main processes which are planned for the near future.
What style of management in your opinion is the most effective?
Work with people is perhaps one of the hardest. You always need to find the right method of approach to people. I’ve been very lucky with this thing in the Econia Company. I've been acquainted with all employees, and it has really helped to get quickly into the swing of things and “to be at the wheel”. Concerning the management style it is not easy to answer, because every situation requires its own method. I consider that communication with all collective should be maximally established. Of course, conflicts occur, because every collective is still a living organism. But I'm sure that it can be prevented, if you listen to and see people, understand what they need, can establish a goal and make them understand this goal, and motivate them so that they can achieve this goal – that are main qualities of the head. And the main feature, which I want to see in every of my employees, is responsibility.
To be honest: as a leader I am very inspired that we do not have irresponsible people, here people are in their respective places. On the one hand it is a great fortune, on the other, honestly, - not all of new people can cope with such rhythm. Daily strict sanitary requirements for absolutely every employee straight at the entrance to the plant, high requirements of work quality according to international standards on every section of manufacturing process, obligatory regular advanced training - and that is far not all the things, which every plant worker faces every day. Many people can’t pass the test and quit. But those who stay with us in the team understand: it can’t run otherwise. Because my people do not only have professional responsibility for quality of the product they produce. Just simple question: would you give this product to your child? - and everyone understands the enormous human responsibility for water quality and health of a little customer, who receives every bottle.
What does it mean for you to work in the Econia Company?

Econia is a real drive! The Company always lives in movement: maximum personnel training, improvement of manufacturing processes and systems, regular search of new and actual approaches for customers. Work in the team of adherents means steady onward motion. In addition, the Company offers a lot of opportunities for young professionals, helps in learning and training, conducts various events concerning motivation and provides the last resource base for work of all departments.
If possible, our Company acts as a sponsor of many charitable projects and always takes an active part in public life of the city and oblast. For example, recently on the Independence Day the Econia Company arranged a great number of children's competitions and entertainments for kids in Zolotonosha City and Cherkasy. Along with the Chystyi Kliuch (Pure Key) Brand we launched yellow and blue balloons to the sky and made wishes, as well as we sponsored rally competitions. We also have a patronized school No. 2, with which we embody a lot of important projects for students. But what discerns our Company from others is that every worker is socially interested. And he/she knows that assistance from the Econia Company is not just a cold process of money transfer or any other kind of financial assistance from one company to another, but it is a personal contribution of every Company’s worker to a big deal. And all the good deals we do only together. It means our power, and I am sure our future prosperity.

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