Maliatko born from love

Maliatko born from love
It is far into the night. The office has become empty. Iryna Varagash has had a difficult day. Business negotiations, signing of papers, interviews. Bowing her head above the desk, she has felt charged tiredness. Always strong, exigent and insistent, now, here, in the walls of her office, she is just a woman. Vulnerable, with her feelings and dreams. Not many people who see a well-groomed, self-confident business lady know how hard it is to be the boss. And more - a loving wife and caring mother. Just real, not for PR.

When stresses overcome, you feel a colossal responsibility for your work and being strong is especially difficult. But Iryna copes with this. Because she has a secure rear behind her: loving men - a husband and two sons. They charge her with energy and positive and help her to move on. That was love, which initiated everything, and it is the strongest and the securest foundation for family, business and any activity, which you devote yourself with all your heart and soul. Maybe someone will think: of course, she is lucky, she has met a worthy and successful man, and then everything has been running like clockwork. Yes, of course. Relationship building, as well as career development, is also a day-to-day work. And when you spend 24 hours a day with your husband, build business with him, it is difficult to differentiate between your beloved and your business partner, to be tender and caring, and at the same time - insistent and resolute. And you always have to search for a balance, in spite of arguments, misunderstanding and personal ambitions. You have to temporize with yourself, with work, with your close persons. But if there is love, and consequently, responsibility for the family hearth and children's health, then everything is surmountable! Together it is possible to create something new. So, a husband Olexii Denysenko supported Iryna when she offered to be the first who would make baby water in Ukraine. He was side by side when a new unknown brand “Maliatko” demanded large costs, investments and above all responsibility, because the product is intended for the very little ones. He could not doubt about the success, when he read firm assurance in his wife’s eyes: “Maliatko” would definitely “get stronger and hold on”. Iryna had no doubts: this water is a must have for the Ukrainian kids. And first of all it is necessary for her firstborn, whom unfortunately the young mother had to feed with artificial mixtures.
Like all mothers Iryna has very carefully studied what is written on packages, because it is so important not to do harm for the tiny little man. And she was really surprised to learn that if a mixture is diluted with ordinary water, the composition will be changed. On the label experts recommended to dilute mixture with children’s special water. After she had phoned all friends, looked at all stores and all handbooks, she realized that there was no such water in Ukraine. Iryna remembers the feelings which stirred up her heart as it was now: this disappointment, annoyance for kids and this peremptory motherly: “you have to do something”. And then for the sake of her child a usual mother Iryna Varagash decided to create a new product!
Today millions of mothers trust the Maliatko Brand, and from the labels of bottles smiles Pasha, the younger son of Iryna. He was the first who tested the water, and he pushed the “start button” of the new production line. And mother without any doubts made her son the face of the brand. Henceforth it is her personal, motherly quality guarantee.
How many sleepless nights in tearing between family and business!
How many times then Iryna would ask herself, whether she was right, having devoted herself to the work for one hundred percent, disappearing in business trips; it used to be, that she hasn’t seen her family for weeks. She has justified herself, come to an agreement with herself...But she realized - there is no other way. It is her vocation, her motherly responsibility. Even today she is completely devoted to her business. And Iryna Varagash can cope with everything. For more than 12 years. Because she is a mother! Her beloved man is a chief partner in business and main support in life. The sons are pride of the parents!
Boys notice with smile, that their mother has actually three children. The third one is “Maliatko”. As the youngest one, it needs a lot of mother’s care and attention. But they are not jealous, because they are the one big team and the one big family. Iryna has not noticed that her business became a common family business. Elder son, 15 years old Olexii, is very interested in business. Very often, when mom and dad discuss business issues, he questions a lot of things. 
The mother has often taken her younger son Pasha to business trips. Today he can devotedly talk about automobiles. Cars are his passion, not without reason a 13 years old teenager has become a carting champion of Ukraine. The boys have been team players in the family business for a long time already, and they adopt their parents’ practices, they often visit the plant.
And the friendly family likes also cooking tasty things – baking a pizza or roasting meat according to special recipe. They enjoy travelling and making presents for each other without any reason. When Iryna and her beloved stay alone, she shares her feelings and aims with her husband, they read books to each other aloud, make plans for future together.
If you ask the happy and self-sufficient Iryna what is a luxury for her, she answers without a moment's hesitation: a possibility to stay in solitude for a moment. Yes, solitude is a luxury and the breath of life. The need to stop, take a short rest from everyday racing, look back, understand what is going on, rejoice at achievements of her sons. Getting rid of everything, Iryna Varagash listens to her mother’s heart, female essence, her true wishes and needs. Only in this way every inspired woman can discover the ability to create something special, such as Maliatko Baby Water.

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