About these ones, who work with soul

About these ones, who work with soul
“Zlatokrai”, No. 27, 04.07
To tell the truth, one can say a lot about a person, when one sees this person in work. In a small Zolotonosha City, where you seemingly already know everything about every neighbor, you can discover absolutely new things. A person, who has been living in the same street with you for many years, may be opened from the completely new side one day.
In the neighborhood of me lives one unremarkable man. He is shy, but he always greets and is in a hurry all the time. Recently it happened that we were going together to work. As usual we were talking about our workdays. I tried to complain of my difficult journalistic destiny: meetings, fuss, strict deadline for writing of articles, etc. My neighbor listened to me very attentively, and he said: “you can feel yourself well at every work, if you do your job honestly and with all your heart. In the Econia Company people work in such way”. And he shared with me, how exciting it is, when a whole powerful and multilevel water bottling process depends on your professional movement. “Sometimes it is complicated – you have to stay longer at work, and when force-majeure circumstances occur, people work nonstop, - and if you are devoted to your job for 100% and you see a result – then you feel pleasure” – he states.
I decided to have a look behind the scenes of the Econia Company production, to speak with local workers and learn how our Zolotonosha citizens work by major national manufacturers.
A powerful manufacturing complex of this Company on production of special baby drinking water of TM “Maliatko”, “Akvulia”, “Chystyi Kliuch” (Clear Key), “Chaikava” (Tee-Coffee) and water for teenagers “Teen Team” has been working in Zolotonosha City since 2009.
From the very threshold the plant strikes with its power, noise and dimensions. Bottles of water are moving on the line without a stop. The complete process of water preparation is automated; you can hardly see people in the workshop. At first sight it looks like someone’s invisible hand controls all the mysterious process. But it is only the first impression. In fact, behind such accurate system stand many specialists, our Zolotonosha and Cherkasy citizens, acknowledged specialists and “guru” of their business. The product quality is above all – that is the golden rule in the plant of Zolotonosha City forever. 
“I can’t imagine myself without production, - production manager Julia Fedotova starts our conversation and accompanies me on the plant. - And it is so in many things due to our team. We know and understand each other very good. We are all united around one purpose - the production of high-quality water. Every employee of the plant comes not only to “serve time”, he/she “burns” with this business. Then you also take up this enthusiasm, this feeling of responsibility for the common business”.
While showing me the plant, this smiling and friendly woman has visually explained me, what does it mean “to burn with your work” – who else can so passionately speak about purifying filters, aeration station, cascade filtration system, antiseptic preparation of equipment. “Production is a heart of the Company, - says Tetiana Portianko, chief quality specialist, - here the success in whole depends on the well coordinated work of the whole team. And the feeling of support of each other is really necessary here”.
“I was really scared at first, - a young man caught up our conversation and introduced himself as Olexandr Kharchuk, blowing operator. – When I first came to the plant, I was impressed by the bottling line, but most of all – by the blowing machine, my working place. Of course, I was afraid of doing something wrong, because of my mistake the whole line could stop. It’s now I laugh at my fears, but I really thought so at that time”, - he smiled. – In addition, the specialists from Kyiv came and were purposefully teaching me how to work with the blowing machine, that’s why I quickly began doing my job. My task is now to look after the bottle quality and machine working. And I must admit, it is not easy, but the idea, that we manufacture production for children and make good deeds, bring pleasure to me”. 
I understood that in the Econia Company everyone must learn a lot. But it is usual thing for workers, because work in such enterprise demands responsibility and permanent professional development. 
“When I first stepped across the threshold of the Company, - says laboratory worker of microbiological studies Liudmyla Shulga, - I was impressed by dimensions of the territory, well coordinated manufacturing process and new automated equipment. But especially – by acquaintance with the laboratory. Just at that time the Company bought a new device, which could build up the results of studies very quickly. Of course, it was not easy. Everything was absolutely new for me: new equipment, new devices, with which I have not been working yet. But due to my colleagues, water treatment operator and microbiologist, who always helped me by acquaintance with the water treatment 
process, - I quickly began doing my job. Now my everyday work is implementation of studies, control of product quality. And we learn all the time, because everyone in the laboratory understands, how many things depend on our control”. 
“In my department, for example, everyone knows: in order to be a good mechanical engineer, you need intensive learning all the time - mechanical engineer Sergii Shakhnazarov supports his colleague. – Don’t be lazy and read all instructions very attentively. If necessary, consult with other specialists. I would like to give such piece of advice for those, who want to become perfect workers. We don’t like lazybones. Only a worker, devoted to his business, can join our team. He/she must be a workaholic, like we are”. 
The colleagues confirm on the spot, that due to his professionalism and indefatigable wish of work, last year Sergii became “Worker of the Year” in the Econia Company. Sergii feels shy and waves with his hand. But one can see, plant workers are very proud of their colleague and explain me: here we have real “sport competitions”. There are competitions between shifts, best workers nominations, who, according to results of the month, quarter and year, are awarded with prizes and money gifts. Now then, Sergii Shakhnazarov became “The Best Worker” according to results of the year, - colleagues explain. – And more, he got a real medal for “Work Service” within the scope of the Company’s distinguished services on the state level (according to data of the State Statistics Service of the National Business Rating the Company became a “Sector Leader 2012”, and its best workers were awarded with distinction). 
“In general, the Econia Company appreciates a worker not only in professional way. Here salary is increased and different tourist vouchers are provided for workers” – admits charwoman of store rooms Aina Andruschenko.
“But don’t think that we can only work. We also can relax, - Liudmyla Molodyk, chief accountant of the plant, joins the conversation. – I still remember team games for the Ivana Kupala holiday, which we celebrated on the bank of the Dnieper River. “And I still remember celebration of the New Year holiday”, says Anna Savochkina, line operator. The workers believe that such events unite the team and team spirit of the Company. And it is difficult not to agree with this fact.
During my visit to the plant, it seemed to me, that the Econia Company has this spirit, where people support each other. They do not only work here, they live like one big family. They know characters and habits of each other. For example, with Mykola Korchmar, truck loader driver, you can talk about fishing for a long time during a break, and with the guard Sergii Galuschenko you can be a loud fan of football after a working day. Colleagues treat hobbies of each other with respect, because they believe that hobbies can also discover a character and professional potential of a person.
At the exit from the Company we met a woman who was busy with flowerbeds. “I came to weed flowers in order to delight the eye, and everyone would be in a good mood - says charwoman of store rooms Aina Andruschenko. I like it when there are perfect order and cleanliness everywhere, not only inside in the plant, but also here”
Econia workers believe that team mood passes to the products. That’s why the team tries to be in a good mood, and despite all difficulties to go through life with a smile.

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