Magic travel as a gift

Magic travel as a gift
Zlatokrai Newspaper, 10.06.2013
Mariana Nischenko,
Program Director
During school year in the Specialized School No. 2 of Information Technology a rating system of class work was functioning. Each class earned scores for landscape gardening and classroom interior, preparedness of classrooms to lessons, appearance of students, school record book-keeping, participation in city and school holidays, competitions, contests and actions, visiting war veterans, cleaning of school territory and proper nutrition in a school canteen. That is, the system included not only educational, but also school and scientific work. But the rating system of class work also provided punitive sanctions for offensive language and behavior, trespass, improper appearance, fight or damage of school property. In the Specialized School No. 2 of Information Technology one could find a replacement stand, on which at the end of each month students could see their scores. School students fought for the top prize, kindly provided for the School by the Econia Company - a travel to Kyiv Aqua Park.
The fight was desperate, the winners were changing almost every month. So, sometimes active students won, students of the 11 class, sometimes - the best actors of the city and school, sometimes students of the 7-A class, sometimes restrained and responsible students of the 3-A class. But in May the situation was drastically changed by the last holidays and actions: wastepaper collection, cereal holiday and the Last Bell. As a result, students of the 7-A class came out on top. And they received a certificate for a travel to the Aqua Park. However, the amount of provided places for such travel included only 50 persons. Therefore, the winners decided to take active children to the Aqua Park with them, one from each class. Thus, the team of water fans was formed. On the 4-th of June the best students of the School along with their mentors visited the Aqua Park. They have shared their emotions with us.
-What emotions overflew you, when you found out that you are winners in the rating system of class work?

- I can hardly explain these emotions, - says Anna Tytova, a student of 7-A class. It was so amazing! Firstly it looked like a joke. Then happy smiles and screams of my classmates brought me round. It was unexpectedly but very pleasant. We have been trying to earn as many scores as possible and to get no penalties, and the result was not slow to arrive.

- Whom do you owe your victory?

- Our victory we owe a good fairy, Mrs. Iryna Varagash, - says Dasha Zrazhevska, a student of the 2-B class. This madam is a President of the Econia Company, and her Company gave us a magic fairy tale. Ill never forget this day, perhaps it was the best holiday in my life, because I felt I were a Little Mermaid from the fairy tale. I cant find words to express my feelings!
- How did you spend your day in Kyiv? Will you try to win next year?

- It was a very cool travel, especially these colored high slides, - confirms Maryna Zhyla, a student of the 7-A class. I would like to reveal a secret to you: next year we are going to fulfill all requirements of the rating system in order to win and receive such wonderful present again!
- What was the sense of this travel to Aqua Park and is it worth fulfilling of all requirements of the rating system of class work for this sake?

- First of all, - says Olexandr Dotsenko, a student of the 10-th class, - I would like to thank the Econia Company for this wonderful travel. This travel was very opportunely at the end of the school year. I know that such idea to give this travel occurred to Iryna Iuriivna Varagash, and all students are very much obliged to her. Concerning the travel, it contributed to our health improvement, close friendly communication between teachers and students, and it motivated students to maintain order in the educational establishment one more time. Because you should fulfill everyday requirements of the rating system all the year round in order to get one unforgettable day.
- How do you appreciate the victory of your children, and how do you find such system of work at the educational establishment?

- I was very happy, that students of our class had won, - tells us Svitlana Germash, mother of a student of the 7-A class, - because you dont always have an opportunity to give your children such an expensive present. The Econia Company always supports our educational establishment in doing good things. This rating system of class work has encouraged children and parents to participate in different competitions and contests.
You can see from the interview, that the rating system of class work is really effective and has the right to exist. And we would like to thank again Iryna Varagash and Olga Shkolna, good fairies, who organized this travel and gave children such unforgettable emotions.

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