Tandem of Zolotonosha City brought victory from the international contest

Tandem of Zolotonosha City brought victory from the international contest
 Zlatokrai Newspaper, No. 32 from 08.08.2013
Recently the international dance contest “Running On Waves” took place in Yevpatoria, prize-winner of which had been Zolotonosha famous dance team “Tandem” under the direction of Olga Ermolaeva. Her wards Yaroslava Ermolaeva and Evgenii Volik rejoiced with win yet again: they obtained three medal places. The secret of this success we decided to find out from the contest participants and their trainer Olga Petrovna, tell us please a little more about the contest “Running On Waves” and preparation for it
"Running on Waves" is an international contest, which takes place every year and gathers the strongest participants from all over the world. A couple of Yaroslava and Evgenii was formed recently, and we didn’t have much time for training. Therefore, participation in this contest was a real challenge for us, test of our mastership. As a couple, Yaroslava and Evgenii presented three dances. The first Latin American dance called “Summer Breeze” was very emotional and passionate, the second dance was in the nomination of dance show “Fragrant Night” and the last one was in the style of Modern and Contemporary – “Someone Like You” - about a dramatic history of love.
What difficulties did you face with before and during the contest?
The greatest difficulties occurred not during training. The participation of our team was under threat because of financial reasons. But due to our sponsor, the Econia Company, we could visit the desired contest. On my own behalf I would like to express gratitude to the Company’s President, Mrs. Iryna Varagash, not only for sponsorship, but also for moral support of our team. “Yes, it is really great, that we were supported by the Econia Company, - Yaroslava Ermolaeva takes up the words of her trainer, - and we could participate and win”. 
Yaroslava, is it difficult to join such contests with the new partner?
Evgenii is a very goal-seeking man; he has been dancing since childhood. The family of Evgenii is a whole dynasty of people who are fond of dance; of course, Evgenii is not an exception. Every day he devotes two hours to choreography training. We have worked a lot together. And this is, perhaps, shall be a Tandem’s secret of the success.
“Yaroslava, except of being my “couple”, is also my sister, - added Evgenii. –We know each other since childhood, that’s why we catch the meaning at once”.
Evgenii, what do you feel when you appear before the footlights?
When I dance, I communicate with the audience, share with my energy, character and always receive emotional answer of the audience in the form of applause, and it is very fascinating dialogue. 
What in your opinion is essential for the professional development in dances?
First of all it is steady work: you need to improve yourself all the time, secondly you always need to learn something new and thirdly you should feel your dance partner. And it is also very important to understand the competition in order to be fit and correspond it. For this purpose you need to visit different contests, unfortunately, it is not always possible. We hope, that the Econia Company will also support us in future, and we will bring more wins again!

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