Akvulya is health from the first drop!

Cherished desire of every woman is to become a mother. Children are always a great joy for their parents, they are incentive and impetus for new challenges, they are reason to live. No matter who was born - a boy or a girl, twins or doublets. The main thing is the health of children.
When a boy is born and he is the first child in a family, then almost always a girl is the next desired child and vice versa. The woman who established "Econia", being persistent and always reaching her goals, after birth of two "sons" - "Malyatko" water and "Teen Team" water desired to born a daughter. That's the way the idea of creating children's water was born, the water with a playful name "Akvulya".
It is "Akvulya" that became a favorite product of the whole staff of the company. It is positive, emotional and active. Its main purpose is and take care of its young consumers, despite the financial situation of their family. "Akvulya" is created to give health from the first drop. It understands that every child, regardless of financial well-being of the family and region of residence, deserves to drink only high quality, healthy water developed specially for children, and most importantly - all of that is for a comfortable price.
"Akvulya" is a unique product that is created specifically for young Ukrainian families who are just starting their parent path, gently and lovingly holding their baby's hand.

It's easy and interesting to open a new world with "Akvulya"!

has a 5-level water treatment system
has low mineralization - balanced fluid and electrolyte composition
enriches child's body with all necessary microelements for healthy development
is proven by international standards of production in the field of baby food
is recommended for daily drinking and preparing of dry formulas
is suitable for home use
2 l or 6 l bottles will always be useful going to the countryside, while relaxing on vacation or visiting beloved grandmother.
Nominal volume Number of bottles in packagingNumber of bottles on pallet
0,5 l 6 1440
2,0 l
6,0 l

"Akvulya" children's drinking water

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