"ChayKava" - perfect for coffee and tea!

Only the person, who seeks excellence in everything, is able to assess a real taste of life! Real delight in our busy lives can give, at first glance, the most subtle things. Sometimes, the possibility to stop for a few minutes to enjoy the taste and aroma of your favorite beverage can be a source of energy and harmony for the whole day. If you want to fully enjoy tea or coffee, its aroma and flavor should be perfect! Therefore, your choice is specialized "ChayKava" water. It is uncompromising perfection, reasonable luxury to feel a real taste, while purely enjoying.
"ChayKava" - an innovation in the market of Ukraine. It is the first specialized water for tea and coffee and other hot drinks. The extreme softness, unique chemical and perfectly balanced salt composition makes "ChayKava" water the true value for real gourmets of these drinks.
Balanced mineral composition - "ChayKava" water has a unique salt formula that allows to preserve not only the true taste of a drink but also to emphasize it. A neutral taste of water, even after boiling (no acid taste, bitterness), does not change or interfere with taste of coffee or tea.
Softness of water - a multi-level water filtration and absence of the complex microelements (iron) in it prevents the formation of scale, sludge and keeps your kettles and coffee machines in an ideal condition for many years. Beverages reveal their taste better due to softness of "ChayKava".
Oxygen enrichment - water enriched with oxygen, significantly improves extraction, and makes it possible to use a smaller amount of tea leaves and coffee (coarse-ground), enhances taste, aroma and natural properties.

"ChayKava" - water for real gourmets!

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Special water for making hot drinks "Chaykava"

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