Having brought up the generation of Ukrainians with high drinking water consumption culture, the company Econia continues the traditions of impeccable quality in new product drinking water Pure Spring.

The modern world provides you with unlimited possibilities. You can become anyone and reach the horizons, you have not even dreamed of. But in a whirlpool of life events, there is sometimes lack of time to recollect the most important values, without which all your winnings would not be possible. Only support of natives will guide you to the desired aim, because without them you would not be the one, you are. Only the well-being and excellent health will give you the possibility to win and reach your aim. Only the energy of Ukrainian nature can recover your powers, because you owe her life.
Only you choose your way that you can fill according to your wildest desires. It is always up to you. And water you drink must be clean and useful, without any options. Precisely that is why, with care about you and due to innovative world technologies weve discovered a way to offer you Pure Spring - the only water with guaranteed quality of baby food plant.


This water is extracted from the source in preserved area in Cherkassy region, which has long been famous for its unique system of underground filtration

This makes the water very soft and preserves its unchangeable natural structure for centuries.

Innovative world technologies of water treatment allow to purify the water from surplus elements, completely preserving its naturalness and enriching it with unique transparency, purity and optimally balanced mineral composition.

Pursuant to this the Pure Spring is recommended for daily use
in unlimited quantities and at all age.

Due to its unique composition, ideally balanced composition of minerals salts and microelements Pure Spring perfectly recovers natural water-salt balance of body and helps to gain all necessary substances.

That is why this water is your universal effective way of body cleaning,
immunity strengthening,
and a key to power and energy for every day.

Extremely soft, leaves no scum and ideal for cooking and drinks

So, from now you can cook for yourself and your family only healthy food on water that emphasizes its pristine taste
and preserves the benefit of each product.

Prepared on the baby food plant and meets all world and international standards

Also, you can be sure for 100% that your water goes through the special precise control of quality in accordance
with the highest international requirements.

Pure Spring is a water for you and your family for everyday use, for all occasions

So, you will for sure find your convenient choise:

  • Still, low-carbonated, highly carbonated
  • 0,5 l, 0,5l (sport), 1,5 l, 6 l.
  • to quench your thirst or cooking.

Pure Spring affordable quality water for every family

Because we are sure: for correct drinking regime to become a vital daily habit of every Ukrainian, the water must be not
only of exclusively quality, but also for affordable price.

Remember:only you choose your path and enrich it with life in such a way, as water fills every cell of your body. Every day you will face the enormous number of choices. But the one you should make today to choose clean and qualitative water for yourself and your family. Because precisely this choice will become the basis of your health, energy and good treatment for every day and the whole life.

Number of bottles in package
Number of bottles on the pallet
1 440
0,5 l (sport)
1 440

Lightly carbonated

  • Water
    Water 1,5 l
  • Water
    Water 0,5 l

Highly carbonated

  • Water
    Water 1,5 l
  • Water
    Water 0,5 l


  • Water
    Water 1,5 l
  • Water
    Water 6 l
  • Water  (sport)
    Water (sport) 0,5 l
  • Water
    Water 0,5 l