Why do I need to drink Jodo?

Iodine should be ingested be the human body daily over human life. This is provided by the nature. It is necessary for us for functioning of the important organ - thyroid gland that is responsible for our mood and activity.

Thyroid hormones on 50% are composed of the iodine. If the body does not receive enough of this essential element an error occurs. The thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, that results in disease of the body. Moslyt - a decrease of intelligence, memory loss, constant fatigue, lethargy, apathy, lesions of the cardiovascular system, hormonal background, appearance of overweight.
Iodine deficiency syndrome is very dangerous for pregnant women (fetus develops incorrectly, there is a risk of miscarriage, premature birth), for old people (worse functioning of organs), for people with an active mental activity (loss of attention, memory deterioration, chronic fatigue, stress). Iodine deficiency adversely affects the mental development of children.
Unfortunately, the problem of iodine deficiency remains relevant for most regions of Ukraine, especially in regions close to the Chernobyl zone. The best solution to these problem - regular consumption of drinking water enriched with iodine.


ensures smooth operation of the thyroid gland
recovers immune system, hormones system and normal level of hemoglobin
stabilizes cell membrane and restores metabolism
normalizes digestive function, eliminates the overgrowth
on 30% increases absorption of vitamins and minerals
excretes toxins and radionuclides
improves memory and attention, increases mental activity
retreats chronic fatigue syndrome, drowsiness, reduces energy spent during the day
returns healthy looking skin and hair
increases defenses and improves mood

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