Our awards

In 2001, we were first to release children's water of domestic production and became the founders of culture of consumption of children's water in Ukraine. So far, our products have deservedly been considered the best in the country, and the brand itself remains the undisputed leader of baby food market and represents genuine standard of children's water.
This leadership is not unfounded, it is supported by 11 years of confidence of Ukrainian parents in our product, recognition of the best national and international experts, trust of the best pediatricians and dietitians of the country.

We are pleased to share our victories and awards with you:

For two consecutive years "Malyatko" was winning the first prize of the highest national competition "Choice of the Year - 2010" and "Choice of the Year - 2011".

The company's products were noted in the rating of products for children and parents "HIT 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012 Best for the baby"

For more than 10 years of existence the water earn an absolute sympathy of Ukrainian babies. It's not the secret that this success is in responsible attitude of each employee to his work, in daily care of the health of each baby.

"Malyatko" - the basis of health for a lifetime