Reviews of parents

Julia, 26 years old
"It's great that there is a manufacturer which takes care of my baby in our country. We always take "Malyatko" water when going for a walk, it is very convenient because there is no need to take a bottle with a pacifier or feeding cup. Besides that we have a collection of colored caps (spout) at home - my baby likes to play with them. I wish I'd heard about "Malyatko" water earlier (I learned about it when my baby was already 6 months old). Since then, we only drink this water. When we prepare for a walk, my son takes a bottle and puts it into a bicycle or pushchair. He and "Malyatko" are thick as thieves".

Olga, 30 years old
We buy "Malyatko" water to our daughter virtually from the day of her birth. We use it repeatedly when we're cooking. For three years neither I nor my husband, nor our grandmothers had complaints on this water. For our family",Malyatko" is good and tasty water!

Elena, 22 years old
We began to drink this water when my baby was 11 months old and stopped breastfeeding. We have no complaints on this water. First couple of days I opened the bottle and gave the water without boiling. Later, however, I was overcautious and boiled the water. Now we buy a small water bottle with spout, when we go for a walk in the street. It is very convenient.

We participated in competition held by one of the magazines. We became semifinalists. This place supposed granting a gift.
The competition was held in summer and I've already forgotten about it. Besides, I did not expect any particular award because we had taken part in similar events a couple of times earlier and we had not received any gifts.
And then ... A girl called in the morning to specify the address to deliver gifts - "Malyatko" water and constructor. I was so uplifted that moment! It was so pleasant!

"Malyatko" - the basis of health for a lifetime