Why do parents choose water "Malyatko"

Choosing water to her newborn baby, Ukrainian parents, sure enough, want to choose the best one. There is truly unique product in Ukraine which takes care of mother and child from the first days of pregnancy.
Experts of the company made sure that "Malyatko" water was a product of the highest quality. Together with leading water resourcesatko" children's water - specialized low mineralization water for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children from the first days of life.

Experts our company has offered and has developed the unique formula of water on the basis of advanced scientific developments in the field of baby food. By balancing natural mineral composition, it is best suited for drinking, for preparing of dry formulas, cereals, and it also perfectly suits for preparation of all kinds of baby diet food and beverages at home.

What are unique features of "Malyatko" children's water?

"Malyatko" water is useful to expectant mothers

"Malyatko" water begins to care about health of the baby before birth, when the baby is still in mother's tummy.
Greatest wish of the expectant mother is to give birth to a healthy baby. But a health of the baby forms long before conception and in many respects depends on condition of woman's body before the period of pregnancy. Little life, which begins in mother's tummy, is sensitive to everything that is happening to her. Therefore, pregnant mother as nobody else needs a high-quality drinking water, because the baby drinks just the same water as mother. The best water for pregnant women is "Malyatko" water.
Thanks to the specially balanced mineral composition this water:
meets special needs of the expectant mother's body - provides her with all necessary macro- and microelements
prevents additional stress on kidneys of mother and baby
eliminates an imbalance of body fluids
creates a favorable environment for development of fetus

Therefore, mother could form a health of her baby since the moment she found out good news of her pregnancy. And forming of health begins with the first drop of "Malyatko" water.

"Malyatko" is perfect for nursing mothers

"Malyatko" water continues to care of health of the baby after birth.
When a child is born, he begins to get all nutrients together with mother's milk, which is 87% water. Liver and kidneys of the baby are still very weak to purify water, which comes into the body with milk. Therefore the mother should make sure that the water, which is consumed by her, is pure and healthy. Just as "Malyatko" children's water.
This water provides adequate development of the baby.
Drinking "Malyatko" mother makes her milk easily perceivable and more palatable.

"Malyatko" is suitable for children from the first days of life:

it has unique initial composition of water source
optimal low mineralization level (scientifically proven physiological salt content correction)
high-quality filtration (7-level treatment system provides guaranteed absence of harmful contaminants and microorganisms)
it does not require boiling when used for drinking (if open bottle is stored more than one day the water should be boiled)
it does not require boiling when used to prepare dry formulas (the water should be just warmed up to 50˚C)
it's enriched with oxygen (it helps to normalize blood pressure, strengthen immune system, normalize digestion and helps to correct flow of metabolic processes in a body of the child)
it provides 20% of daily needs of the child in macro- and microelements
it's ideal for dissolving of soluble cereals and dry formulas - it saves characteristics of dry formulas

"Malyatko" - convenience and quality in one bottle

Experts of our company have made sure to help young mother as much as possible. Unique quality of the product we put in a convenient and safe packaging. "Malyatko" water became an innovator and was the first product, which represented to Ukrainian babies a new modern design bottle, which has been specially designed by French specialists taking into account all relevant requirements of the World Health Organization in relation to packaging of baby products.

This bottle has number of advantages:
optimal volume of 0.33 (exactly required amount of children's water, which does not require boiling, it is recommended to be taken when going for a walk or travelling)
absolute sterility and safety (stopper with a specially fixed cap allows the child to drink directly from the bottle and prevents contamination of water, when the bottle is opened)
new metering sport-lock stopper (it helps control the amount of each sip)
convenient form of the bottle is designed specially for handling (it imitates form of milk bottle for drinking and allows the baby to keep it by his own hands)
bright color of the cap (colorful rainbow of our products will raise the spirits of mother and baby).

"Malyatko" - the basis of health for a lifetime