Special water for baby


                                                                                                                                                                  "Malyatko" - basis of health for life
    There are legends of miraculous events in life of every one of us.
    My legend began many years ago with the birth of my first son. Motherhood became that wonderful event which changed my attitude to life and forced me to define new goals.
   After the birth of my first child, I felt an urgent need for special water for drinking and preparing of dry formulas for my baby.
There was simply no such water in Ukraine those days. But I had an uncontrollable desire to give the best to my child - better fate, better life, better health. Then, almost at same time with the birth of my son, the idea of creating the missing segment in the market was born - special children's water for Ukrainian mothers and babies.
    "Malyatko" became one more child for me, which required attention and care from its first days. From concept - to launch of production, we have come a long way with the team of experts. Together with scientists and water resources experts we were looking for the right formula of water, constructing new modern plant. Finally, in 2001 my second newborn son pressed the "start" button of a new bottling line of children's water.
    I was aware of great responsibility, which was entrusted to the company manufacturing children's water. Therefore I decided to make my youngest son the face of the brand "Malyatko". It was my mother's personal guarantee of perfect quality of our product. This water helped my two sons to grow up. It helped to grow up more than 5 million of Ukrainian children.
    "Malyatko" grew very fast and showed impressive results. As an ordinary mother I was proudly watching its ups and victories.
     Today we are rightfully considered as child water 1 in Ukraine. But the main thing for me is not a place of honor. It's good to know for me, as the mother and as the president of the company, that for 11 years you, parents, trust us with the most valuable - the health of your babies. It is an extreme responsibility for us and at the same time an incentive not to stop and to seek for highest quality in all that we do.
     But that is not the end of my story.
It continues in my sons, in every day work, which is carried out with high responsibility and love by hundreds of our employees, in my mother's endless desire to see Ukrainian babies healthy and happy.
Iryna Varagash,
President of "Econia",
mother of "Malyatko" children's water
Human need for water is on the second place after need for oxygen. Therefore, after the birth of the baby you, parents, have to become real "water experts" in everyday care for your child.
Water is vital for a newborn baby - all important processes of growth happen involving water. That's why it's important to know the quality and what kind of water your baby drinks. This will determine the healthy development of your baby today and during the whole life.
"Malyatko" children's water will kindly become your faithful counselor and guide in forming of correct drinking regime of your child.

"Malyatko" - the basis of health for a lifetime