Teen Team
Do you like going in for sports? You have your own team of brave friends who enjoy an active life and strive for victory?Then "Teen Team" water is created specially for you and your team!
Teenagers spend a lot of energy at school or in the street, riding on rollers or going in for street sports "Street Workout". This means that they need to recover quickly. Just that kind of unique source of energy and health recovery is "Teen Team" - Ukraine's first special non-carbonated water for teenagers.
It quenches thirst during training, sports activities, active fun hiking and recover teenager's energy by 100%. This water will be a source of cheerfulness, when the energy is running out. It will be a source of good mood for the whole day.
In a large family of "Econia" company brands "Teen Team" continues the tradition of cultural consumption of water, which was established by children's water under "Malyatko" trademark. This water was used to grow five million Ukrainian children, it was used to grow children of employees and partners. They led the team of "Econia" to the idea of creating another product - special water for teenagers. This idea instantly captivated thoughts of all staff of the company. That's the way the water for teenagers "Teen Team" was born.
It is designed to meet physiological needs of actively growing child's body, which simply cannot sit in one place. This water embodies exclusive innovations, natural freshness and provides the body of teenager with all essential microelements. Natural non-carbonated water "Teen Team" is a healthier choice than sugary sodas. It is useful to use this water during a day at home and at school.
"Teen Team" water comes in convenient packaging of 0.33 l, which can always be taken going training or hiking, and 1.5 l, which will become an irreplaceable support in countryside recreation.
"Teen Team" is a healthy lifestyle, which is currently chosen by thousands of teenagers around the world.

Benefits of "Teen Team" drinking water:

Uniqueness - it has no analogues in Ukraine, designed to meet the needs of active growth of teenager's body
Trendy - maximally emphasizes individuality of a teenager, his belonging to a team of winners

Quench your thirst for success! Join the winning team together with "Teen Team"!

"Teen Team" - trendy to be healthy!

Nominal volume
Number of bottles in packaging
Number of bottles on pallet
0,33 l
2 058
0,33 s/l
2 058
1,5 l

Drinking water for teenagers "Teen Team"

  • Water "Teen Team"
    Water "Teen Team" 0,33l
  • Water Teen Team
    Water Teen Team 1,5l
  • Water Teen Team sport-lock
    Water Teen Team sport-lock 0,33l