Ya-y-Ya biscuits

ECONIA baby biscuits is a product produced from natural raw material enriched with vitamins (1, 2, , , , ) and microelements (calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium), essential for healthy development of a child.

Unique selling offer:
- The recipes are designed with due account for the needs of babies of appropriate age.
- Made of premium quality flour.
- Enriched with vitamins.
- Product quality is achieved by controlling all stages of production: from control of incoming raw materials to storage of finished products.
- They have fine texture and pleasant taste.
- They are soft, melt in the mouth and fall into very soft crumbs, which means the baby won't choke.
- The biscuits can easily fit in a baby's little hand
• Natural;
• With beta-carotene;
• With lemon;
• With honey;
• With banana.