Ya-y-Ya infant milk formula

Econia infant milk formulae are specially created with due account for the needs of a growing baby's body when the baby is actively getting to know the world around.

We offer you improved formulas of 1, 2, 3 stages packed in 400 g and 900 g tins and special hypoallergenic formula as well as formula with prebiotics and probiotics: 

- Hypoallergenic are well digested and contain minimum fat. They ensure good calcium absorption in the body and boost the immune system.
- Due to nucleotides baby's body recovers quickly from diarrhoea.
- They have low osmolality, preventing osmotic diarrhoea
- They comply with EU directives.
- The composition of each formula is balanced in accordance with baby age peculiarities.
Production line:
• Improved formula – stage 1;
• Improved formula – stage 2;
• Improved formula – stage 3;
• Hypoallergenic formula;
• Formula with prebiotics;
• Formula with probiotics.