Ya-y-Ya juices

ECONIA baby juices contain natural and organic fruits and berries coupled with unique traditional formulations.

We offer you:

- A wide range of mono-component and poly-component fruit and vegetable juices.
- Convenient and eco-friendly packing in glass jars and in Tetra-Pak packing.
- Fruits, vegetables and berries from environmentally clean regions
- Unique recipes
- The lowest possible or zero sugar content in the finished product
- A large amount of natural vitamins and minerals, which are essential for proper development and growth of a baby. 
- Fully-automated production process
- Product quality is guaranteed by controlling all stages of production: from the control of incoming raw materials to storage of finished products
- Pure taste of the finished product
Juice in a glass jar:
• Apple and carrot juice;
• Apple juice;
• Apple and grape juice;
• Apple and pear juice;
• Apple and rosehip juice;
• Apricot juice;
• Apricot juice with carrot;
• Banana juice;
• Carrot juice with pulp;
• Cherry juice;
• Grape juice;
• Multifruit juice;
• Carrot, apple and pear juice;
• Peach juice;
• Peach juice with mango;
• Pear juice;
• Plum juice.
Juices in Tetra-Pak:
• Apple juice;
• Apple and grape juice;
• Apple and rosehip juice;
• Apricot juice with pulp;
• Carrot juice with pulp;
• Carrot and apple juice with pulp;
• Cherry juice;
• Peach juice with pulp;
• Plum juice with pulp;
• Plum and peach juice with pulp.