Econia offers the wide range of baby food products by export trademark Ya-y-Ya


“Ya-y-Ya” is a range of products of well-balanced baby food for proper growth and development of an infant that creates the foundation of its health for the whole life.

The wide assortment of “Ya-y-Ya” products and their ideally-balanced composition allow to choose an ideal diet for each baby, considering its individual features and changing needs. When developing products, our specialists rely on the newest scientific researches in the area of pediatrics and baby nutrition.
Products of the “Ya-y-Ya” line:

• European brand by the manufacturer with more than 20 years of successful experience on the market of baby nutrition
• manufactured from raw materials, collected in the most ecologically clean zones of the world:
  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • without GMO, conserving agents, thickeners, colorants, artificial flavoring 
  • ecologically clean and safe 
  • hypoallergenic
  • traditional for your location 
• high quality is guaranteed by the state of the art laboratory that performs control at all stages of the production: from computer diagnostics of incoming raw materials and all components to an outgoing microbiological and quarantine control of the quality of finished goods 
• manufactured in accordance with strict European regulations of baby nutrition products and international standards of quality ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 9001, HALAL, FSSC, IFS, BRC 
• manufactured using the latest world solutions, innovative certified equipment, and fully-automated processes 
• unique and traditional recipes of preparation that meet needs of any consumer 
• contain all necessary nutritional agents, vitamins and minerals for proper development of baby’s organism, provide healthy microflora, strengthen natural protection of the organism when consumed regularly
• a wide product line for a baby from the first days of its life (infant formulas, cereals, juice, purees, biscuits, water) 
• wide assortment of products: more than 100 traditional and unique tastes 
• comfortable and ergonomic package (Tetra Pak, pouch, foil, cardboard, tin, PET, glass) 
• regular replenishment of the portfolio with novelties in accordance with global trends 
• perfect taste of the finished product 
• stylish design 
• competitive prices 
All products of the “Ya-y-Ya” line are chosen in such a way that they can be consumed separately as well as easily combined with each other to create a necessary diet for a baby. 
The main advantage is that your baby will have a friend, who, while travelling and playing, will provide tasty, adequate and well-balanced nutrition from the first days of its life. 

Together with “Ya-y-Ya” your baby will eat with pleasure and for its good health!