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We believe that business plays a significant role not only in economic life, but also in society as a whole. Our social responsibility strategy covers three key areas:

1. Assistance to local communities in Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region

Since 2008, the company has been actively supporting all projects and initiatives in the field of economic, social and cultural development of the territory of Zolotonosha, where our company is located.

For more than 10 years, the company has been the exclusive sponsor of Zolotonosha City Day and a constant patron of many large-scale sports, music, dance, and literary projects in the city and the district.

Econia has sponsored a specialized school of information technology №2 and for almost 10 years has supported student initiatives, their commitment to learning and volunteering.

The company actively participates in the development of the city (construction of sites, landscaping), supports volunteer projects of the city and district. At the initiative of the CEO of the company, the “Zolotonosha Entrepreneurs Club” was created, which aims to unite business and government to solve current problems of the city and create a strategy for the development of Zolotonosha.

2. Volunteering

For almost 20 years of the company’s brands, we have joined on a volunteer basis and continue to support hundreds of charitable projects for families and children throughout Ukraine.

  • We are a charitable partner of the Early Birds project for premature babies
  • We – support the Charitable Foundation “With an angel on his shoulder”, which takes care of children with cancer
  • We help children financially at the Kyiv Children’s Cardiac Center Ohmadit
  • We support a charity football tournament for children with Down syndrome on a regular basis
  • Are permanent volunteers of the project “Women of the 3rd millennium”
  • Every year we support the project “St. Nicholas Day” in Chyhyryn, which gathers more than 30 thousand children from low-income families and families of boarding schools.
  • On a charitable basis, we support many sports projects throughout Ukraine (among them “Kyiv Euro Marathon”, “Run under the chestnuts”)
  • For several years, our company has been a charitable partner of the festival of talented children “KIDS OPERAFEST” in Vinnytsia
  • We are a long-term partner of the international literary competition “Coronation of the Word”
  • Members and partners of the NGO “Ukrainian Business Women”
  • We support all art projects for parents of the clinic “Mother and Child”
  • For over 10 years – we are a regular partner of family festivals for mothers and fathers (MAMA Summit, Mamazlet, Superwoman, More than a mother, Pregnancy Day.Kyiv, “Club mom 24/7”, “IQ mama Meeting”, conferences I will be a mother »)

3. Assistance to anti-terrorist operation soldiers

Socio-political changes in Ukrainian society encourage active assistance to people in the anti-terrorist operation zones, so “Econia” regularly sends water to humanitarian convoys sent to these zones, provides water to military hospitals with wounded servicemen at the Dnipropetrovsk Clinical Hospital. Mechnikov, “233rd Training Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, “Antiaircraft Missile and Artillery Division 54” of Mykolayiv. In 2015, Econia sponsored an exclusive social program for children, parents and wives of servicemen, Soldier’s Family.

We are fully convinced that the future is being created today and that not only everyone should be healthy, but also society and the country as a whole. And this is possible only when the company, in addition to the main mission – to create a quality product, takes on the task of being conscious and socially responsible.